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Mokomokai - Shores Of The Sun - CD Album (2018) *price in CAD dollars*

$15.00 / On Sale

Stepping it up from Inner-city Toronto, Canada by way of the province of Ontario’s pastoral Lakeland frontier of Peterborough, Mokomokai is a hard-rockin foursome whose thundering stage assault has set the Canadian rock and metal tour circuit alight since first forming in 2011. Critics and fans alike have been astounded by Mokomokai’s white-hot brand of rock and roll, which takes influence from the likes of Motorhead and Judas Priest, and pushes it fast and further into incendiary territory.
If you are a lover of all eras and aspects of heavy metal then look no further than Mokomokai's newest album "Shores Of The Sun". This album is yet another seemingly impossible merger between the classic and the modern. From the bluesy stadium vibes of World of Sorrow to the full tilt Ride the Lightning infused power of Shadow in the Storm, this album truly stands on the shoulders of every corner of the heavy metal universe. Produced at Pro Gold Studios in Toronto ON by mastermind Ian Blurton, the follow-up to their debut album "Poison Whiptail", this is yet another hook, line and sinker in a way that only these boys can deliver.

1. Come Down
2. Empty As My Pockets
3. Shadow In The Storm
4. World Of Sorrow
5. Blood Drunk
6. Enemy
7. Our Love Is Murder
8. Shores Of The Sun