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Mokomokai - Poison Whiptail - CD Album (2017) * Price in CAD dollars*

$15.00 / On Sale

Stepping it up from Inner-city Toronto, Canada by way of the province of Ontario’s pastoral Lakeland frontier of Peterborough, Mokomokai is a hard-rockin foursome whose thundering stage assault has set the Canadian rock and metal tour circuit alight since first forming in 2011. Critics and fans alike have been astounded by Mokomokai’s white-hot brand of rock and roll, which takes influence from the likes of Motorhead and Judas Priest, and pushes it fast and further into incendiary territory.

Mokomokai’s debut LP ‘Poison Whiptail (on Toronto based Boonsdale records) is produced by iconic Candian hard rocker, DJ and studio master Ian Blurton (he of Public animal, C’mon, Bionical and Change of Heart). Arriving in 2017, the album draws from the New Wave of British Heavy Metal and it’s golden era of the late 70’s-early 80’s, unleashing an unwavering blitzkrieg of stoner groove, raw hooks and Metal Godliness. The track ‘Walkin’ Boss’ summons the ultimate gunslinger to a trail of fire while ‘Poison Whiptail’ and ‘Heavy Metal Sky’ pulse with Painkiller hearts that vigorously resurrect the genre’s most glorious era. The breadth and depth of Poison Whiptail is a full feast for rock and rollers and metal heads alike.

Track List:
1. Poison Whiptail
2. Diesel Wild Stallion
3. Walkin’ Boss
4. Bloodsucker
5. Heavy Metal Sky
6. Fast Enough To Kill
7. Mountains Of Madness