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Freedumb - Skate N Die - CD Album (2018) *price in CAD dollars*

$15.00 / On Sale

Freedumb is the brand new punk/metal project from acclaimed singer/guitar player Zach Slaughter, known for his work as the frontman of Skull Fist. Freedumb will see similar efforts in a harder musical style which includes punk, acoustic, doom and traditional metal all combined with a cheeky sense of humour and a large amount of visual content. Recording every instrument himself, Freedumb’s “Skate n Die” will be the first album to include such a wide range of musical styles and humorous content.
Freedumb’s debut release unleashes 9 tracks of high energy punk in the vein of Lagwagon, Dead Kennedys, Face To Face, trademarked with Zach’s unique vocal style along with metal elements and virtuoso style guitar solos, plus the lyrical humour of NOFX / Frank Zappa.
Slaughter has been known over the years for very extensive and thorough marketing campaigns which has brought his solo and full band efforts to achieve a much higher rate of success in little amounts of time. The Freedumb record will follow in the footsteps of this approach which has already been given much media attention. Freedumb’s ‘Skate N Die’ offers an alternate approach to main stream music that can give attention to the counter culture of today’s social circles.

1. Punch Patrol
2. SOS
3. Shark Attack
4. Grand Canyon
5. Jerkathon
6. Skate N Die
7. Anarchy Will Prevail
8. Street Surfing Man
9. Finding Emo