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Freedumb - Calculate My Love - CD Album (2019) - *price in CAD dollars*

$15.00 / On Sale

Freedumb, the punk/metal project from acclaimed singer/guitar player Zach Slaughter, offers its sophomore album “Calculate My Love” as a follow-up to the debut fan-favourite record “Skate N Die”. Known for his work as the frontman of Skull Fist, Zach digs even deeper into experimental territory now yielding an eeccentric punk/rock band, with commercially viable songs, clean vocals and harmonies, over an energetic punk/metal mixture, and pop rock elements. Freedumb contiues its cheeky sense of humour through it all.

“Calculate My Love” features 9 tracks of punk/experimental-rock in the vein of Weezer, David Bowie, The National, trademarked with Zach’s unique vocal style along with metal elements and virtuoso style guitar solos, plus the lyrical humour of NOFX and Frank Zappa.

Take punk rock into 2019, and embark on the listening adventure that is Freedumb. The top production and lyrical hooks will have you bobbing your head throughout the record.

1. Dying In The Night
2. Calculate My Love
3. I Won’t Run
4. Hotdog Phone
5. The Legend Of Bronan
6. Go Go Baby Go
7. Soup A Lady
8. Warum Ist Der Mann
9. Peter Quistguard